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Rockmate Limited solutions for cheaper safer mining

Rockmate Blasting System
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Rockmate's software story

1985 Bulkmeas sold to Wimpey Mining among others, a surveying, bulk measurement system for opencast coal mines.

Rockmate was developed using BBCBasic for PC's. It was most likely the first mining related software that had 3-D Views

It was the first 3D rockface blast profiling system

1988 Rockmate was installed on a Cornish Granite Quarry

1989 Rockmate was sold for use in Canada

1997 Mike McLoughlin trading as Rockmate Technical Services

1998 Rockmate was rewritten in 'C'

2000 First copy of Rockmate sold in Ireland

2003 ContourMate developed and sold

2004 First copy of Rockmate sold in China

2007 Rockmate became limited - Rockmate Technical Services Limited started trading

2007 First copy of dXmCubed sold

Rockmate started to be installed around Europe

2011 Rockmate shortened its name from Rockmate Technical Services Limited to Rockmate Limited

2011 first copy of dXmQuattro sold

2012 First copy of loadLogger sold in Scotland

2015 Rockmate uses photogrammetry to model rock faces

2020 Rockmate used in Rosia Montana project to look at fragmentation and the environmental impact of blasting

2021 Rockmate version 7 released