X-Track, the GPS vehicle tracking system.

X-track can track trucks, vans, cars, ships, humans, infact anything that moves on to which our hardware can be fitted.

It gives the manager a birds eye view of his operation. Placing the manager in control of the operation so that the manager can manage efficiently - increasing profits and making the manager someone that the company's employees can depend on for their future.

Proof that your truck was miles away from the incident at the time of the incident.
Proof that there have been site visits.
Track those important loads minute by minute or at what ever time interval you set.

X-Track uses Technology allowing Tracking on almost all cellular networks including GSM

X-Track produces easy to read reports!
X-Track can be used in Time and Motion mode allowing you to down load and post process the data.
X-Track can be used with radio telemetry, in fact some of the radio modems that we use are so intelligent that if they are out of reach of the base station the signal can be relayed through other radio modems in the fleet. Imagine your mobile units act as relay stations to get that signal further.

Rockmate Technical Services are value added resellers, we select the best hardware on the market and add our engineering software to give you a unique product. You get the benifit of world class hardware manufactured by blue chip companies with agents around the globe providing you with global support.

Contact Rockmate Technical Servces for a demonstration. We can send you software to install on your computer and allow you to poll one of our vehicles. For a small fee (GBP20.00 plus VAT), we can send you a digital map to view the vehicle on the map on your computer screen.

X-Track is simplicity itself.

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Simple to use in the office.

X-Track has made this truck a 'smart truck'.


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